Tom Bennett ~ Moonlight Lens

by geoffdorn on June 25, 2014

Taking long-exposure into the night, I have pursued the technique of light painting, which is accomplished by using colored light in front of an open shutter. All effects you see in the images were done in-camera, with minimal after-processing in a computer. Stars move in the sky, and streetlights and other distractions happen at the fringes of the frame.
These shots get to the dark and sometimes forgotten places, mostly in the industrial valleys and deserts of California, where lost dreams and cracked concrete survive among the dry weeds.
In so many ways, California has been very generous to me. Growing up there among the pastures and dry hillsides, I remember days that lasted forever, swimming the the family pool, or sliding down the wild oat hillsides on lettuce boxes. Those hills are gone under houses now.
California gives and gives, and receives our discarded lives into it’s forever spaces. For more images, take a look at

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S.J. Weiner July 10, 2014 at 2:51 pm

Tom is a VERY gifted & talented photographer and I’m quite looking forward to seeing this display of some of his work. Truly amazing art.


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