by geoffdorn on September 7, 2017

Bassam Nasralla

#Liberate #Mosul

I don’t recall how I stumbled upon Bassam Nasralla’s Instagram feed, but I found it, and I found it interesting.

It was earlier this year, several months before Iraqi security forces arrived at the outskirts of Mosul. I had no real information on Bassam Nasralla, and still don’t. From what I could tell he was most likely a soldier with a camera. Our only contact was a brief text exchange asking his permission to show his work. His early images were of groups of Humvees crossing vast deserts or candid shots of people, like a soldier with a machine gun slung around his neck juggling a soccer ball. The photos were straightforward and to the point.

As the weeks went on, the images were of small villages and soldiers firing upon an unseen, out of frame, enemy.  I could sense the growing intensity of the conflict. Then more soldiers shooting through holes in walls, behind walls, bedroom curtains, out of someone’s kitchen, snipers at arms-length from the camera, alternating with groups of men holding up fingers marking an approaching victory.

All the while my personal Instagram feed is serving me this battle mixed in with friends on summer vacations, sleeping dogs and plates of food. Some friend’s sleeping Chihuahua followed by a man shooting from the torn edge of a wheat colored building in a street of rubble.

Then in the days after our Fourth of July the photos showed less shooting and more saluting of victory. On July 10th Rex Tillerson announced the Liberation of Mosul. One chapter in a long book that is still being written.


Portland Framers Market Design Contest

by geoffdorn on April 18, 2017

Join us to see the more than 200 local Portland student submitted artwork for the Portland Framers Market Design Contest and enjoy some tasty Farmers Market treats!  Everyone who attends is invited to vote for their favorite design.  The People’s Choice winner will receive a $250 scholarship.


Brad McLemore ~ From the Clay Compound

March 16, 2017

This work is a survey of pottery forms and surface techniques I’ve investigated over the last couple of years, while a resident member of the Clay Compound. Located in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland, the Clay Compound was established as a collaborative and communal studio resource for ceramic artists to facilitate their professional activities […]

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Max Gore

March 1, 2017

Max Gore is an artist and educator based in Portland, OR. His work is a combination of painting and design, looking to our cultural influences from signage, advertising, and print media. Referencing landscape, fishing, language, and elements of art history, his work becomes a hybrid amongst painting and print. Raised in southern Arkansas, his paintings […]

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Cyclo – Kirk Jones

January 24, 2017

Prior to 1975 and the unification of Vietnam, Saigon had thousand – tens of thousands – of Cyclos working for private transportation firms. Once the country unified after 1975, these became trade organizations set up by the Hanoi government as cyclo cooperatives. The city’s 24 districts had around 40,000 Cyclos, including up to 5,000 in […]

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September 17, 2016

#PaintByScissors    Join us for the opening Last Thursday, September 29th from 5-8

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Tommy Day

June 9, 2016

Portland based filmmaker and photographer, Tommy Day, presents work from his last year of travel with special focus on the people and places of the Himalayas, the Canadian Rockies, and our own great state of Oregon. more at Instagram: @tommydaycreative

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Sixth Annual Portland Farmers Market Reusable Bag Design Contest

April 18, 2016

Please join us for the sixth annual Portland Farmers Market reusable bag design contest. Thursday, April 28, 2016  from 5 – 7 pm The event will showcase all entries submitted to the Reusable Bag Design Contest and give the local community the honor of selecting the People’s Choice winner. This winning student will receive a $250 scholarship.

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Jess Graff Cut Paper Illustrations

February 5, 2016

  Jess Graff is an artist and educator who works in multiple art mediums. A native Oregonian, she has been teaching and working in arts and education for over 12 years. As an artist Jess has participated in numerous gallery shows throughout Oregon and has participated in residency programs at schools, art centers, museums, and […]

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Dino Murphy

September 8, 2015

My connection with art started in 1965, New Haven, Conn. Birthplace. As far back as I can remember I was always drawing or painting in my childhood. I also remember being equally as passionate about sports. Basketball was my first love and marrying it with god given talent to draw and paint leads me to […]

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