Jess Graff Cut Paper Illustrations

by geoffdorn on February 5, 2016


Jess Graff is an artist and educator who works in multiple art mediums. A native Oregonian, she has been teaching and working in arts and education for over 12 years. As an artist Jess has participated in numerous gallery shows throughout Oregon and has participated in residency programs at schools, art centers, museums, and a correctional facility. Currently the Residency Manager at Portland Children’s Museum.

Jess draws creative inspiration from play and the natural world. For more information about Jess Graff’s creative endeavors or to inquire about custom designs or classes please email or visit .


Dino Murphy

by geoffdorn on September 8, 2015

My connection with art started in 1965, New Haven, Conn. Birthplace. As far back as I can remember I was always drawing or painting in my childhood. I also remember being equally as passionate about sports. Basketball was my first love and marrying it with god given talent to draw and paint leads me to believe I’m doing exactly what I was put on earth to do.

I grew up in Kansas City and my very first live concert experience was The Jackson Five in 1973. That started an appreciation for concerts and music in general.

Although most of my work will reflect an infusion of passions and a colorful display of sports, music, and fine art I’m also open to abstract design as well.

Since May 28, 2013 my goal has been working on a series of art and design projects specifically focusing on both sports and entertainment industries & targeting a global clientele.



Photos of Eastern Oregon By Kirk Jones

June 17, 2015

Massive photos by Kirk Jones from a recent trip to Eastern Oregon

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Fifth Annual Portland Farmers Market Reusable Bag Design Contest

April 1, 2015

Opening event, Tuesday, April 14, 2015 from 5 – 8 pm In partnership with Portland Farmers Market, COUNTRY Financial is excited to announce the fifth annual Portland Farmers Market Reusable Bag Design Contest. The competition presents an opportunity for students to showcase their talent on reusable shopping bags that will be distributed at Portland Farmers Market [...]

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Grow Portland

March 2, 2015

Celebrating five years of great work carried out by Grow Portland, we are showing photographs Rachel LeCrone has taken for the group. Grow Portland is nonprofit organization founded in 2010 to create more opportunities for urban gardening and urban agriculture. We offer education, supplies, access to land, and directly market locally grown food. Produce sales, [...]

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UNMADE CITY – Krista Connerly

December 1, 2014

As part of her 11-year research initiative, the Project for Urban Intimacy, Krista Connerly has been walking, photographing, filming, and writing about the alleys of SE Portland. This is in tandem with conversations about not only these spaces but the alleys we may have grown up around or those encountered in the cultural imagination. Alleys [...]

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Kirk Jones

August 13, 2014

All of these images are from Marin County, CA. Marin is in the California Floristic Province, a zone of extremely high biodiversity. There are various micro climates and ecosystems, as well as a large variety of trees – from Coastal Redwoods to large stands of live and dead Oak, Acacia, Madrone and more. Using a [...]

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Tom Bennett ~ Moonlight Lens

June 25, 2014

Taking long-exposure into the night, I have pursued the technique of light painting, which is accomplished by using colored light in front of an open shutter. All effects you see in the images were done in-camera, with minimal after-processing in a computer. Stars move in the sky, and streetlights and other distractions happen at the [...]

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April 29, 2014

Mona Jones Cordell has had a life-long affair with the animals who share this planet with us. This body of work reflects her passion, respect and understanding of how we are connected to animals and how we need the contributions they make to create a healthy habitat for all.

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Portland2014 – Personal Libraries Library

February 11, 2014

The Best Art Gallery in Portland is proud to be serving as a venue for Portland2014, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center’s biennial exhibition celebrating artists who are defining and advancing contemporary art practices. On view will be Personal Libraries Library Abra Ancliffe, founder and librarian of Personal Libraries Library, is currently assistant professor in Printmaking at [...]

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