UNMADE CITY – Krista Connerly

by geoffdorn on December 1, 2014

As part of her 11-year research initiative, the Project for Urban Intimacy, Krista Connerly has been walking, photographing, filming, and writing about the alleys of SE Portland. This is in tandem with conversations about not only these spaces but the alleys we may have grown up around or those encountered in the cultural imagination. Alleys offer a unique opportunity to explore a collision of topics including public/private space, non-traditional economies, class and gentrification, land use and development, wilderness, boredom, and the poetic role spaces can play in the subconscious of the city. The exhibit, which will be up through December, includes photographs and video that looks at these spaces and the ways people experience them. Made possible by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

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